My latest visiting art day was part of Preston Primary schools multi cultural week.  We were looking at Japan and created this stunning origami mandala for a communial area in the school.

it measures 2meters in diameter and incorporateds the work of children across 6 year groups in KS 1 and 2.

Very impressive !!

Whether you are looking to enhance your learing environment, create a display or bring a topic to life and have a lasting piece of art to remember it by, visiting artist days can be taylored to your requirements.

Projects can be planned and delivered for small groups, whole classes or whole school involvement.

Please note the following price structure as a basic guide.  Please contact me to discuss Individual projects.

Art days

£220 per day to include planning, delivery and basic installation.



Per approximate 1.2 x 2meter banner




Applique                                                               £58

Acrylic paint

Per approsimate 1 x 2meter 6mm mdf or ply board    £46

Per 1 x 1meter strtched canvas                                 £38

3d options include

Withie sculpture



Ideas for other media and prices on enquiry.

At the end of each project you will be presented with an evidence book to keep with photgraphs and text outlining the process of creating the artwork..

Four banners made to represent school values

A mosaic project created during a Roman topic day

Sculpture for a new library